January 21, 2014

5 Tips For Website Monetization That Your Competitors Don’t Know

Everyone knows that creating a website and a blog is essential for a business. But even the most exciting content-rich and user-friendly websites on the internet aren’t worth much if no one visits them. Search engine optimization is a great way to get people to find about and visit a site, and it certainly is… View Article

May 28, 2015

Generational Bias May Not Be Founded

“Know your audience” is the marketing industry’s equivalent to Socrates’ directive “gnothi seauton” (though perhaps marketing could use a little more self-awareness from time to time). Know your audience. It sounds like a simple imperative, especially when big data allows us to see trends that in the past would have seemed unfathomable or strictly hypothetical…. View Article

June 11, 2015

HyperTarget Attends Affiliate Summit East

HyperTarget Marketing Participates in Affiliate Summit East: “Meet Market” Director Eric Evans and the HyperTarget Marketing Team Discuss Pay-Per Call Marketing Sunday, August 2, 2015 New York, NY The New York Marriott Marquis 12:00pm-6:00pm in the Westside Ballroom Salon 1-4 & Foyer FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HyperTarget Marketing 213.973.9905 New York, New York – HyperTarget… View Article

January 19, 2015

Important Things for Performance Marketing in 2015

Performance marketing and affiliate marketing has been a rapidly growing in the past several years, making the use of search engine marketing more important than ever. Content and social media are great mediums that must be used in the coming year, and it is more important than ever to have a mobile optimized and efficient… View Article

April 15, 2015

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

In a single word, yes. This type of campaign may not be for every marketer. This type of strategy can take some time to build up a proper clientele, but has proven to provide a significant increase in traffic and sales. So, go into any new partnership well educated about your particular niche market. We… View Article

January 26, 2015

Lead Generation To-Dos in the New Year

Performance marketing has taken over the marketing world. It is rare that you would find a business that does not utilize some form of performance marketing. Lead generation is one of these useful performance marketing tactics. Lead generation is the formation of consumer interest about the products and services of a particular business. Lead generation… View Article

April 23, 2015

Mobilegeddon’s Importance for Marketing Campaigns

On April 21st Google launched an algorithm change that affects all sites that are not mobile friendly, which has been deemed by many as “Mobilegeddon”. Please remember being mobile doesn’t just mean phones, but all types of tablets are included in this change as well. Since affiliate marketing and online marketing in general is essential… View Article

March 17, 2015

Optimize for Maximum Gold Online This March

We are all guilty of spreading our efforts too thin at times. It’s St. Patty’s Day and everyone will be busy gearing up for parties, making corned beef and cabbage, while still carrying out their daily routines. Unfortunately, there are no leprechauns to make life any easier. In the marketing world, it’s easy to try… View Article