Pay Per Call Publisher Management

Buy customers, not ads

Using a blended, scalable approach, we drive traffic to our vertically specific web properties with strong calls to drive the consumer toward initiating phone contact. With our robust call tracking technology, we can record calls for quality assurance, look at caller ID and geographic information about our callers, and easily view reports about call durations, time, day, and much more to determine what the best calls for you will be.

Additionally, upon request, we drive traffic to your own website, and work with your IT department to use our technology to create dynamic phone numbers on your site to distinguish between the calls we send versus the calls you already receive.

Inbound Calls are the New Click

Inbound marketing initiatives can help reassure customers by providing them valuable information that can move them toward the purchase. They can find this information themselves because more and more consumers are going to the web to find information about a company before they make their decision. In fact, 61 percent of consumers say they feel more comfortable and are more likely to buy from a company that provides them with custom content. Optimizing your site for mobile is a natural conversion path – customers are conditioned to expect instant access to information wherever they are. Inbound callers are almost always the best lead: studies show that phone calls can convert to revenue 10 times more frequently than web leads.

Mobile Lead Generation
Social Focus

Inbound marketing is not just on-site content. An effective social media strategy can result in a more recognizable brand and will provide a company with an immense amount of customer-service opportunities. We will make sure to build an effective on-site and off-site inbound strategy that drives engaged users to your website when they are looking for more information.