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You just enjoy your business and

pick up the phone!

harass people

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Losing money from low response
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Valuable inbound calls Coming Directly
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HyperTarget Offers A full suite of pay per call lead generation and marketing services

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Traditional telemarketing
has seen a decrease in performance

Have you noticed?

We loathe cold, regurgitated, non-exclusive, co-registered, and just overall poor leads as much as you do!

We specialize in finding "Hyper-Targeted" customers and clients for your business and getting them to pick up the phone and call you. We would love to show you how it works.

Call performance marketing
you only pay per qualified call

We build, develop, and optimize our own websites, landing pages, other online properties, and advertising campaigns to make this happen. Our publishing partners are individually screened and monitored for quality. Additionally, we can work with you to revamp your existing website for HIGH CONVERSIONS.

Our technology can track calls like clicks opening up powerfull metrics that educate us about your customers and help direct informed actionable decisions crucial to your campaign success. We would love to show you how it works!

Phew...that was a lot!

Call Network Work Examples

pay per call
call network

With Interest Rates at all time lows, Citi wanted to ramp up its lead volume.

Through a mix of online channels and rigorous testing, we successfully deliver hundreds of qualified inbound call leads a month for them.

Our technology and methods even allow us to segment between callers interest in new home mortgages versus callers interested in refinancing their existing mortgage. We make sure those calls go to the right reps, during hours, every time, or we do not bill for those leads. Our company aims to be a great partner, not just a high volume lead broker.

With Hypertargeting, our ads hit exactly who Citi wants. The conversion rate compared to even the best “phone verified” telemarketing lead is simply better.

call marketing network
pay per call network

HP Hood, New England’s favorite Dairy Company wanted to increase their presence online to promote a high school scholarship they were offering to Varsity Athletes in New England. To supplement their offline marketing efforts, they wanted a multi-channel online strategy including Google and Facebook.

The founders of Hypertarget Marketing were able to increase their number of Facebook fans from 900 to 13000. To accomplish this required rigorous split testing and analysis of different ad strategy.

Which headline worked best? Which body text worked best? Which Facebook image ad worked best? Is it better to send traffic from Google to the website or to the Facebook page? Is it better to send traffic from Facebook to the Facebook page or the website?

These are the kinds of questions we were able to answer throughout the life of the campaign to dramatically improve our return on investment from start to finish on a weekly basis.

To see the live HP Hood Fanpage, click here.

pay per call client 1
pay per call client 2

Lexington Law was looking to increase the number of phone leads for their specialty, credit repair. As a consultative service, more sales are closed over the phone than online.

In addition to driving traffic, our challenge was to separate the right potential clients from the wrong potential clients whom Lexington Law could not help. Hypertarget Marketing successfully built a marketing mix that continues to drive high quality phone lead on a daily basis, while weeding out the wrong customers to prevent wasted time on the phone with sales reps.

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About HyperTarget

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What we have learned is that businesses would almost unanimously prefer to receive high quality inbound leads from online sources, similar to radio or TV, rather than “dial online data”. Conversion rates are much higher, which leads to phone reps being happier and staying longer. Customers are happier and costs are lower. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Hypertargeting refers to the ability to deliver advertising content to specific interest-based segments. It is the cornerstone of precision performance marketing because ads are only shown to relevant people and ad dollars are NEVER wasted.

With over 20 combined years of experience in Online Marketing and Mobile Marketing, as well as experience in traditional media including, Radio, Print, TV and Direct Mail, we have seen what is effective and what does not work over the years.


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