Paid Search Campaign Management

What is your current monthly PPC budget? Have you hired an agency to manage your campaign, but are uncertain if they are doing a good job and how to hold them accountable? Are you only using Google Adwords?


We follow a logical pathway in everything we do, Goals > Questions > Metrics > Analytics > Action, this allows us to create actionable insights instead of more questions and unnecessary reports.

Mobile Optimization

Hypertarget Marketing specializes in PPC across mobile platforms, including iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and WAP or feature phones. There are distinct differences between campaigns designed for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Lead Generation

Specializing in finding Hyper Targeted high quality leads, we use a proprietary multi-channel process to maximize volume over time without compromising lead quality. We are a certified form trusted vendor and always validate our leads before delivery.

Traditional Offline Media

While our focus is driving highly targeted visitors online, we learned our chops in direct response advertising in radio and TV and continue to excel in those mediums today, offering both creative production services in addition to media planning and buying.

SEO Services and Consulting

The secret to effective SEO is simple, good marketing. We will coordinate with your IT department to optimize your website ("on page" SEO) as well as generate natural, safe links, by creating and distributing original content. ("off page" SEO)

Search Engine Reputation Management

When people search for your name or company name, you want your site to show up first, followed by positive reviews and press about your site. You do not want negative results to appear on the first page.

Press Release Creation and Distribution

Newsworthy events for your company should be accompanied by an attention grabbing press release. Our team of skilled writers will help convey your message in a format properly SEO optimized.

Social Media

No marketing plan is complete without a social media strategy including Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, one needs to consider Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and whatever the latest social trend is online. We stay up on them so you do not have to!

Call Center Services

In some cases, you might want that extra level of qualification before taking an inbound call. In these situations, we offer call center services where our reps will answer the phone and ask a series of questions before "warm transferring" leads to you to close.

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