February 11, 2014

3 Essential Steps To Reviewing A Company’s Affiliate Program

With the expansion of the internet has come an expansion of so-called “money making” opportunities. Chief among them are affiliate programs, where a producer and an affiliate team up to sell a product or service, and then split the proceeds. But, all affiliate programs are not created equal. Here we take a look at 3… View Article

February 13, 2014

A Brief Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

In this ever-expanding internet age, one of the most effective ways for companies to increase brand awareness is through affiliate marketing. To put it in the simplest terms, affiliate marketing involves a company “recruiting” other companies or individuals to market their products and services for a commission. Under this definition there are two different forms… View Article

March 4, 2014

A Quick Guide To The Sales Funnel – For Affiliate Marketers

A sales funnel is a process which can represent your entire sales process in one image. As a funnel is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, so your sales funnel is meant to call the attention of a wide swath of potential clients in the beginning, and continue to whittle that group… View Article

March 6, 2014

Facebook For Affiliate Marketers: 101

Like it or not, Facebook appears to be here to stay, and with it the social media revolution will roll along. It is now a foregone conclusion that the world will continue to become more socially connected, with concepts like privacy and oversharing taking a back seat. But for affiliate marketers, this is good news… View Article

April 29, 2014

Four Personality Traits Essential for Performance Marketing Success

Many experts recommend that the first step in the process of selecting a profession should be to take an inventory of yourself and determine what are good at and what you like to do.  When it comes to entering the field of performance marketing, such advice could prove invaluable.  Performance marketing is not for everyone,… View Article

May 1, 2014

Four Ways to Kill a Campaign Before It Starts

For those who employ marketing strategies over the Internet, the term ‘campaign’ is generally used to denote a particular advertising implementation which utilizes specific components.  The benefit of working with campaigns is that they can be deployed, analyzed, modified, and redeployed.  The concept of working with campaigns is quite simple, but in practice developing a… View Article

May 6, 2014

How Brands Benefit From Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a marketing arrangement in which the marketer is paid only after a specific, predetermined action has been taken by the end user. Performance marketing can be implemented to promote a broad range of products and services over a broad range of digital channels such as mobile, social, and search engine optimization or… View Article

April 24, 2014

How Long Should My Online Content Be?

Over the past half-decade the Internet has all but converted the average person into an amateur writer.  Whereas prior to the popular adoption of such Internet based activities as blogging and tweeting, the average person probably did most of his or her online communication in the form of writing emails, now Internet based communication is… View Article