April 29, 2014

Four Personality Traits Essential for Performance Marketing Success

Many experts recommend that the first step in the process of selecting a profession should be to take an inventory of yourself and determine what are good at and what you like to do.  When it comes to entering the field of performance marketing, such advice could prove invaluable.  Performance marketing is not for everyone, and those who excel at it generally have certain qualities which allow them to recognize and maximize opportunities.  Here we will take a look at some of the traits which make a person best suited to become a successful performance marketer.

Attention to detail – One of the most important factors in performance marketing is the feedback given by a campaign.  This feedback can come in various forms such as click through rate, sales, average sales amount, and average time spent on a particular page of a website.  Those who are naturally detail oriented will find it far easier to manage all of the aspects of a performance marketing campaign, and analyze the countless data points which a performance marketing campaign inevitably generates.

Persistence – It is extremely rare for a performance marketer to have success on their first, second, or even third campaigns.  Becoming skilled at performance marketing can best be analogized as a running a marathon, rather than a sprint.  In order to learn the ins and outs of performance marketing, and overcome the numerous setbacks, the personality trait of persistence is absolutely necessary.

Capitalization – Performance marketing costs money.  It cost money to run a campaign.  Many campaigns, especially for beginners, will lose money as you learn what works and what doesn’t work. So, you must have adequate capitalization if you are to have the best chance at success.  Additionally, trying to test a campaign on the cheap, due to a lack of funds, is likely to produce inconclusive results, and hence a loss of those limited funds.  This is not to say that only the rich can be successful performance marketers.  But only those who have adequate reserves of cash and credit will be able to really to explore all of the possibilities of any given campaign.

Positive attitude – Another important aspect of a successful performance marketer is their tendency to believe that there is an answer to every problem and that they have the resources, intelligence, and patience to find it.  This positivity is especially important in light of the fact that many marketing venues, such as Facebook and Google, continuously change and update their algorithms and guidelines.  Whereas the negative person is more likely to become discouraged under such circumstances and quit, the positive marketer will exhaust every ounce of his or her creativity in searching for a solution.

Performance marketing has been attempted by hundreds of thousands of people, and like most other business opportunities, only a small percentage become truly successful.  But these rates of success and failure say less about performance marketing opportunities than they say about the people who attempt to take advantage of the opportunities.  The fact is that a positive, persistent, well capitalized, individual, an individual who naturally pays attention to detail, is very likely to have the success they desire in this exciting field.