October 1, 2018

5 Sales Prospecting Tips All Inbound Call Marketers Should Know

Since just training a new employee can cost thousands of dollars, you need to be sure you’re always making the most with what you have. While you might think that your leads are hard to come by, there are ways to convert your current leads and find new ones you might not have thought of…. View Article

December 23, 2020

A Must-Have for Qualifying Leads: What Is a Warm Transfer?

Is your business in need of more inbound calls to your call center representatives? Are you unsure of the inner workings of how pay-per-call lead generation works? Are you operating an inbound call center that doesn’t have the time and resources to expand into cold calling? Are you still wondering, “What is a warm transfer?”… View Article

November 27, 2018

CX Tips: 8 Reasons to Mix AI with the Chance to Talk to a Person

Only 33% of consumers believe they use AI-enabled technology. In truth, 77% use an AI-powered service or device. AI and machine learning, as well as bots, are quickly becoming ubiquitous. Some believe it is only a matter of time before they fully replace customer service representatives. But customer service has evolved with technology trends to… View Article

August 14, 2018

Inbound Calling: 10 Tips for Turning Calls into Business

Generating calls for your business can be a difficult process. The hope is that actually answering the calls should be pretty easy, right? The truth is that answering phone calls is often where businesses slip up. It’s easy to let your phone etiquette lapse when the customers come to you. But if you fall into… View Article

November 20, 2018

Inbound Calls Management: Tips to Save Time

Even as millennials spend almost no time on the phone, businesses are still struggling to handle call volume issues. With the help of Siri, Alexa, and other virtual assistants, it’s never been easier to call a company if you have a problem or need to reorder supplies. If you worry about calls management at your company,… View Article