December 23, 2020

A Must-Have for Qualifying Leads: What Is a Warm Transfer?

what is a warm transfer

Is your business in need of more inbound calls to your call center representatives? Are you unsure of the inner workings of how pay-per-call lead generation works? Are you operating an inbound call center that doesn’t have the time and resources to expand into cold calling? Are you still wondering, “What is a warm transfer?”

Then HyperTarget Marketing may be the solution your call center business is looking for. This article will discuss some of the most pressing questions about pay-per-call lead generation, as well as other methods for generating inbound calls to your call center agents. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-per-call is a lead generation solution for generating inbound calls to your call center employees. Your business pays an agreed-upon sum for each inbound call generated through our marketing and advertising streams.

There are several ways to bring inbound calls to your call center, including both customer and call center initiated methods.

Consumer-Initiated Methods:

  • Mobile Search: This is inbound traffic generated from Google search results. This may include other search engine campaigns depending on the type of traffic you are looking for.
  • Mobile Display: Theseare banner ads created with a call to action, prompting customers to pick up the phone and dial one of your call center agents.
  • Email Marketing: This istraffic created through email newsletters and advertisements. It includes a call to action to your potential customers to contact an agent directly.
  • SMS Messaging: Text messages can also include a telephone number to call your inbound contact center.

Agent-Initiated Methods:

  • Live Agent Transfers: These are also known as warm transfers.
  • Cold Call Follow-Up: This is when an agent calls a lead who has not yet committed to an idea of what they want or has requested more time to think about their buying options.

Please keep reading to find out more about what a warm transfer is and how they boost your contact center’s inbound call volume. 

What Is a Warm Transfer?

A warm transfer is often initiated by a call center agent, a third-party call center agent, or a consumer. The majority of warm transfers are initiated by a call center agent. That agent will then start contact with a potential customer by calling them.

This is known as an outbound call. An outbound calling service provides trained agents to contact pre-screened customers. They will discuss a product or service with a customer before transferring them to your contact center.

Outbound specialist agents take the time to ensure that a customer is ready to buy your product or service. They make sure a lead has time to continue talking on the phone before they make a transfer to one of your agents. Your agent then closes the sale and ends the call.

This method of warm transferring calls will increase sales for your contact center employees. 

What Is a Click-to-Call Service?

A click-to-call marketing service is a different form of generating calls through the pay-per-call method. This method requires the consumer to initiate contact by clicking on a phone number within an email or advertisement they have seen. Then they will make a phone call to your contact center using a smartphone.

Potential customers may see a telephone number within a search engine advertisement, website banner, email newsletter, or even a text message.

How Do You Generate Click-to-Call Leads?

A click-to-call lead gets initiated by a consumer who picks up their mobile phone and clicks on a phone number that directs their call to your contact center. An inbound call gets created.

Advertising and marketing for click-to-call methods include the consumer-initiated contact methods mentioned under the first section of this article. They are mobile search, mobile display, email marketing, and SMS text messaging. 

Why Are Warm Transfer Leads the Best for Your Business?

The main factors that make warm transfer leads the best leads for your business are the following:

  • Pre-screening
  • Consistent outreach
  • No charges for disconnects or hang-ups

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these factors.

The Pre-Screening Process

A warm transfer lead will be well qualified and pre-screened before they get sent to one of your call center agents. Whether they are contacted by an agent or targeted by well-placed advertisements and emails – they are being transferred to your agents because they are ready to finish the conversation. They have been well educated about their options and are prepared to make the final purchase of your product or service.

Consistent Outreach

Sometimes a lead needs to be contacted several times before a sale is likely to be completed. A pay-per-call service agent will contact a potential lead three, four, or more times before that lead is ready to collaborate with them.

Rest assured that your contact center saves valuable time receiving warm transfers prepared to buy. The chances of that warm transfer becoming a final sale are increased.

No Charges for Disconnects or Hang-Ups

The right pay-per-call service provider will ensure that your final expenses do not include disconnected calls or hang-ups. Know that your money is not getting lost each time due to a call getting disconnected or a lead hanging up because they are no longer interested. 

Drive High-Quality Inbound Leads to Your Call Center

HyperTarget marketing understands that your business wants to receive high-quality, pay-per-call inbound leads. They often outperform pay-per-click leads. Yet, we thought you should understand your business’s many options before working with our expert team.

With over 20 years of combined experience with inbound marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing, and traditional media – we know how effective each campaign is for your specific call center needs. You no longer need to ask, “What is a warm transfer?”

Contact us today, and let us help you generate the high-quality leads your business deserves. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media and continue to read other articles in our informative marketing blog.