Pay-per-click: Paid Search Campaign Management

Increase sales by reaching the right audience

As you may already know, Google and other search engines return two different kinds of results: organic results and paid results.

So the question gets asked: why pay for search advertising or hire a consultant when you can rank in Google’s organic search results for free?

The simple truth is that organic Search Engine Optimization isn’t free, it takes a substantial amount of time, effort, and knowledge to win search engine rankings. and can take quite a while to gain enough domain authority to get on the first page.

The logic in a Pay Per Click campaign is simple:

You bid for ad placement for specific keywords related to your business, paying a small fee for each click. This may sound like a very expensive proposition, but in a well-designed campaign, your potential customers will see your ads only when you’re searching for exactly the products or services you offer, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Having your paid search advertising managed efficiently and effectively brings you relevant ready-to-buy traffic at a lower cost.

Of course, there are always lead generation options that exist outside of the search engines–Pay Per Call campaigns are great for real world ventures.