January 21, 2014

5 Tips For Website Monetization That Your Competitors Don’t Know

Everyone knows that creating a website and a blog is essential for a business. But even the most exciting content-rich and user-friendly websites on the internet aren’t worth much if no one visits them. Search engine optimization is a great way to get people to find about and visit a site, and it certainly is effective to a certain extent. No one would argue that. But in order to develop strong website monetization, a comprehensive strategy is needed. Here we will take a look at some monetization strategies that your competitors probably don’t know.

1. Don’t Rely On Display Ads

Display advertising has become one of the more fundamental methods to monetize. When you visit a website, more than likely you notice the ads that run along the outer edges of the page or that are even sometimes placed in the middle of a block of text. This method is good if a website is already generating a steady and consistent flow of traffic, but can be problematic if the site is a paid site as the abundance of ads could annoy subscribers and make them take their business elsewhere.

Instead: Focus on Putting Ads into the Content

Your first focus should be creating really good content. As people read and digest what you have to say to them, they will naturally become curious about whatever names, products, services, etc. you list. In other words, don’t be too anxious. Make world class content and place your ads in the content itself – in the form of simple links. Your audience will do the rest.

2. Don’t Try to be Slick

People are getting wise to all the tricks webmasters use to try to get them to click or take an action. This can honestly cause your readers or site visitors to lose faith in you if you seem to fit into that category.

Instead: Be Obvious

Level with your readers. Tell them “Hey, this is a cool product/service that I use all the time. I think you should check it out. Besides, I get a few cents if you give it a look. Come back and let me know what you think about the product/service in the comments.”

3. Don’t Waste Your Subscriber’s Time

Lead Generation is another great way to make a website profitable. Admittedly it isn’t always popular with web users because all too often site owners set up an auto-responder series and then lose contact. Or, they seemingly spam their subscribers with veiled pleas for a purchase.

Instead: Give Your Subscribers a Reason to Love You

Put a poll on your site asking your subscribers what they’d like to read more about. Ask them to rate your last newsletter and give feedback on it. Offer your subscribers an opportunity to craft content for your newsletter, and hold contests to judge which content your subscribers liked the best.

4. Don’t See Ads as a Static Deployment

Ads on websites come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But they don’t come in much variety as it relates to placing or creativity. Too many webmasters see ads as something to be deployed, not employed.

Instead: Look for New Places for Your Ads and Spice it Up!

Going back to the last point for a bit, you can crowd source your ads! Why rely solely on your own creativity? Ask your community to help you develop new an interesting ad ideas and designs. And while you’re at it, place ads in the comments section too. Most people put ads in the same old tried and true locations. If your site generates lots of traffic, try placing some context appropriate ads in the comment discussions.

5. Don’t Make Assumptions about Your Market

Most dedicated bloggers and webmasters will choose to enter a field which is of interest to them. However, the writer’s or webmaster’s interests do not necessarily reflect the interests of the audience as a whole. It is important not to make assumptions about your audience.

Instead: Take Time to Interact with and Get to Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is essential to having steady traffic to your site, and is one of the key elements in maximizing your site’s monetization. Once again, ask your audience what they want, and they will tell you. Properly done, they will essentially instruct you how to market to them. You just have to listen.

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