January 26, 2015

Lead Generation To-Dos in the New Year

Performance marketing has taken over the marketing world. It is rare that you would find a business that does not utilize some form of performance marketing. Lead generation is one of these useful performance marketing tactics. Lead generation is the formation of consumer interest about the products and services of a particular business. Lead generation can then be used in a multitude of ways depending on your marketing motivations. Creating lists for emails or online magazines, generating a compilation of potential sales leads, or building a rewards/loyalty program are just some of the ways lead generation can be used. The following is a list of important to-dos to keep in the back of your mind for the New Year.

Genuineness and Transparency

Customers want two things from businesses. 1.) To know exactly how the business operates and what type of service they should expect. And 2.) for marketing to feel genuine. No one likes shady business and marketing tactics. When businesses are transparent, they are extending an arm of trust to the consumer. Customers would rather have a genuine interaction with marketers and ads, and have the ability to get information or quick answers. Being transparent and genuine is vital for lead generation for creating consumer interest.

Efficiency and Communication

When you have inbound leads it is important to respond and connect with them quickly. Today’s world moves at a quick pace. It is no longer acceptable to try your hardest or be as quick as you can. Customers expect efficiency, and when businesses don’t deliver the end result could be a poor recommendation or a negative online review on Glassdoor. Communicating with the customer efficiently is something that should be practiced by every business, especially in the lead generation industry.

Content and Engagement

Content is still king. It has been shown time and time again that people want information. Basic and pamphlet type sites will not generate consumer interest. By providing quality content for potential customers, businesses are engaging with their audience. Social media has proven that people expect businesses and brands to engage with them (just look at the increasing popularity of AMAs). Content and engagement can be very beneficial for lead generation.

Lead generation is not going away. Not yet. Lead generation can be a powerful tool for your business if done correctly. Make sure you aren’t depriving your marketing strategy of potential successes and keep up on new strategies and tactics in the coming year.