June 11, 2015

HyperTarget Attends Affiliate Summit East

HyperTarget Marketing Participates in Affiliate Summit East:

“Meet Market”

Director Eric Evans and the HyperTarget Marketing Team Discuss Pay-Per Call Marketing

Sunday, August 2, 2015 New York, NY
The New York Marriott Marquis
12:00pm-6:00pm in the Westside Ballroom Salon 1-4 & Foyer

HyperTarget Marketing

New York, New York – HyperTarget Marketing director Eric Evans and his support team will be hosting a table at the Affiliate Summit East 2015 Meet Market in New York City. This exciting event will bring together some of the newest and most respected companies working in the affiliate marketing space. Those in attendance will learn about the advantages of pay-per call marketing over other affiliate programs, as well as gain insight as to how the industry has changed in light new developments. Also, conference attendees will be able to hear these panelists discuss their expertise with pay-per-call campaigns and their thoughts on what has made their pay-per call advertising campaigns successful.

Pay-per-call marketing emerged as an advertising solution to pay-per click, in which advertisers pay for qualified impressions on a per-call basis. The goal of pay-per-call marketing is to generate qualified calls (calls with a legitimate interest in a product or service), which can in turn reward publishers and ad networks appropriately. The pay-per call industry has experienced rapid and extreme growth, especially as users and begin to rely more on mobile phones for interfacing with brands, a trend that has been recognized and accounted for by major search engines. Come meet the team and discover what HyperTarget Marketing can do for you.

About HyperTarget Marketing: HyperTarget Marketing is a lead generation and call marketing solutions company based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2009, HyperTarget was an early adopter of pay-per-call marketing and has a passion for helping businesses get highly qualified inbound call leads.

Find out more at www.affiliatesummit.com/15e-conference/