January 19, 2015

Important Things for Performance Marketing in 2015

Performance marketing and affiliate marketing has been a rapidly growing in the past several years, making the use of search engine marketing more important than ever. Content and social media are great mediums that must be used in the coming year, and it is more important than ever to have a mobile optimized and efficient site.

Distribution of Content:

Having great and plentiful content is one thing, but consumers need to see it. Furthermore, the right people need to see your content. Content is meant to provide value. If your content is not being distributed or seen by the appropriate audience, it will do you no good. Any good marketing campaigns should address this. Most pay per call marketers can help businesses distribute their content.

Social Media:

Social media has been taking over the web and is changing how businesses operate. Not only does a social medium impact your search results, but social media can influence recommendations, and you now have the opportunity to promote your business through Facebook and StumbleUpon Advertising or Promoted Tweets on Twitter. Social shares and influence relate to social signals, which are slowly appearing as ranking factors.

Mobile Marketing:

The mobile phone industry has been booming. Just look at Apple’s iPhone 6 sales. This is indicative of what consumers use to access business information and contacts. Your marketing campaign should include mobile optimized plans in order for potential customers to contact you by phone. Ease of access can translate into quick wins, while difficult user experiences can lead to negative reviews and high bounce rates (where users spend short periods of time spent on your website and leave almost immediately).


Do you have a 404’d page on your site? Does your site take more than a few seconds to load? It is absolutely vital to make sure your website functions correctly and helps to provide a smooth user experience. Checking your website speeds and updating your software regularly is a great practice. Metrics such as unique vs. repeat visitors, bounce rates, and landing page conversions can help you to determine what might need fixing on your site.

2015 is here.  Now is the time to make sure your marketing campaign and online strategy is enhanced to ensure your business has the best year yet.