April 10, 2014

Master The Message – Positioning Can Make Or Break A Campaign

One underutilized idea in the world of performance marketing is positioning. Positioning is not just the product or service you market, but it is the way in which you present your product or service to your customers. Some good examples of positioning include a national soda brand which uses bikini clad models to sell their… View Article

July 5, 2014

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a funny animal, especially when it is in the form of content marketing. It is certainly not the most difficult concept in the world by any stretch of the imagination and yet it is not such an exact science that business gurus are mastering it the way they would master something like the… View Article

April 23, 2015

Mobilegeddon’s Importance for Marketing Campaigns

On April 21st Google launched an algorithm change that affects all sites that are not mobile friendly, which has been deemed by many as “Mobilegeddon”. Please remember being mobile doesn’t just mean phones, but all types of tablets are included in this change as well. Since affiliate marketing and online marketing in general is essential… View Article

January 23, 2014

Narrowcast Marketing – A Way To Spend Less And Convert More

For several decades television has been one of the most coveted, and expensive, advertising mediums. One of the primary reasons for this has been the notion that putting an ad on TV would represent the height of prestige for any company or brand. When the internet burst onto the scene, the banner ad began to… View Article

March 17, 2015

Optimize for Maximum Gold Online This March

We are all guilty of spreading our efforts too thin at times. It’s St. Patty’s Day and everyone will be busy gearing up for parties, making corned beef and cabbage, while still carrying out their daily routines. Unfortunately, there are no leprechauns to make life any easier. In the marketing world, it’s easy to try… View Article

April 1, 2014

Pay Per Call Becoming Hottest Thing Since Sunburn In Online Marketing

Although performance marketing has proven itself over the last few years as one of the premier money making business platform in the world, it is still a matter of opinion as to how it will fare in the years to come. Businesses are always looking for the virtual magic pill that will generate strong, long-term… View Article

March 11, 2014

Performance Content – Native English Speakers vs. Non-Native

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to generate superior search engine rankings is to constantly update your webpage or blog with interesting and relevant information. In fact, whether or not your potential customers decide to buy, call in, or take any other action may come down to what they ready on your website…. View Article

April 15, 2014

Performance Marketing And The Law Of Large Numbers

The Law of Large Numbers says that only over a sufficiently large number of occurrences, or trials, can the result of the trials become apparent. As applied to performance marketing, the law’s application says that only after running a large number of trials can a campaign’s effectiveness be determined. For the same reason you would… View Article

January 12, 2015

Reasons to Attend an Affiliate or Performance Marketing Conference

In any industry, interaction and participation are keys to success. Without some method of interaction, becoming knowledgeable of industry changes, meeting people, and growing your business would be difficult. This is why people go to conferences. Conferences have solutions. The following list includes some of the best reasons to attend an affiliate conference. Gurus and… View Article