April 1, 2014

Pay Per Call Becoming Hottest Thing Since Sunburn In Online Marketing

businessman-in-the-office-2-1287062-mAlthough performance marketing has proven itself over the last few years as one of the premier money making business platform in the world, it is still a matter of opinion as to how it will fare in the years to come. Businesses are always looking for the virtual magic pill that will generate strong, long-term online profits, and understandably so. That said, how does performance marketing in general and pay per call marketing in particular, allow that to happen?

Forbes predicted way, way back in 2012 that Pay per Call marketing had the potential to be ten times the marketing juggernaut that pay per click has become. Good began offering Pay per Call advertising back in 2010 and within two years saw it generating upwards of 15 million calls every month for advertisers. With numbers like those it is pretty obvious that Pay per Call is going to be something that will be impossible for any advertiser to ignore. In fact, it already is.

With Pay per Call being as white hot as it is right now, and is likely to remain for the foreseeable future, there is one element of the world of e-commerce that must be utilized in conjunction with this profit generating tool – mobile marketing. While there still is a significant enough percentage of online users sitting at their desks using desktop computers, more and more of them are switching to either tablets or smartphone to do the majority of their online activities. Fully 45 percent of people who use smartphones have used those devices to search for products and services over the last seven days. Additionally, it is expected that there will be nearly 30 billion more internet searches on mobile devices than on desktop devices by 2016. With that in mind, advertisers will be looking for a way to integrate Pay per Call into their mobile marketing strategy. The revenue generated for those who do so intelligently could be astronomical.

Research has shown that leads are converted into sales more efficiently when some level of human interaction is involved. In other words, people prefer to deal with other human beings when making transactions and doing business. That being the case, Pay per Call is a no-brainer for any marketing strategy. Advertising networks will need to be equipped with the right resources and tools to allow marketers to succeed with Pay per Call. It isn’t just a plug-and-play type of endeavor. It requires real strategy and the right network. The performance marketing industry isn’t going anywhere. It is expected that spending therein will be well over $3 billion in 2014 and will climb as high as nearly $5 billion by the time the next presidential election comes. So any doubters who might be questioning the validity and profitability of performance marketing may need to recheck their numbers. And with a Pay per Call campaign integrated into the right performance marketing campaign, even the sky may not be the limit for businesses.