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May 28, 2015

Generational Bias May Not Be Founded

“Know your audience” is the marketing industry’s equivalent to Socrates’ directive “gnothi seauton” (though perhaps marketing could use a little more self-awareness from time to time). Know your audience. It sounds like a simple imperative, especially when big data allows us to see trends that in the past would have seemed unfathomable or strictly hypothetical…. View Article

February 6, 2014

Improve Sales by Winning Your Customers’ Loyalty

The concept behind loyalty programs is simple: Offer customers special benefits, rewards, and discounts for their continued patronage, and customers will reward your business with their loyalty. It is a fact that operating a loyalty program is a good idea for many different kinds of businesses. It is also a fact that many businesses get it wrong…. View Article

June 24, 2015

What is Cool? Understanding Millennials

If you happen to follow us on twitter, then you may have seen the article we recently published called “Cracking the Millennial Code“. While this piece was more oriented towards the issues that Millennials face in their attempt to reshape today’s business culture, it failed to address a popular topic of conversation within the marketing industry–namely… View Article