December 4, 2018

Morale Boosting Ideas for Your Inbound Call Center Workers

morale boosting ideas

Are you killing your employees?

Workplace stress is harmful to the physical and mental health of your employees. Coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and headaches can all come from chronic levels of stress.

Do you have a toxic workplace environment? If your workers have low levels of energy and can barely wait to leave at the end of the day, your business will suffer. Luckily for you, there is a way to get rid of negative attitudes in the office.

You have to foster an atmosphere of happiness and joy if you want your employees to love coming to work. Happiness is a powerful force that can improve employee relationships and increase sales. On average, happy employees are 12% more productive than sad ones.

Read on to learn about morale boosting ideas that will help your employees- convert more calls into sales.

Benefits of Having Happy Workers

Before you can create happy employees you should know why you’re doing it. Employees who love what they do will be better assets to your company. Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy from having happier employees:

  • Fewer health problems
  • Better sale conversions
  • Improved productivity
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Desire to grow
  • High retention rates
  • Ability to recruit quality talent

Does your company use digital marketing tools or lead generation services?

Make sure your employees understand the time and money that goes into generating their leads. It’s common for workers to slow down in production as the day reaches an end.

However, your workers should treat every call with the same level of determination and enthusiasm no matter what time of day it is. You can get the most out of your digital marketing efforts when your employees have medium to high levels of energy all day long.

Problems with Unhappy Workers

Disgruntled, unhappy workers can spread their bad mojo through the office faster than a cold. Toxic work environments can create employees that will cost you more money than they make you. Here are a few problems unhappy workers can cause:

  • Toxic work environment
  • Negative attitudes
  • Waste time and money
  • Low sales conversions
  • Repel new talent

Many inbound call center workers rely on commission for their pay. When workers don’t believe they can make the sales they need, they’ll stop trying. If you do pay an hourly wage, you’ll be wasting your company’s money on workers who aren’t even trying.

Top salespeople may lose their momentum if everyone around them is constantly complaining. Instead of being happy with their sales, top salespeople will feel the need to hide their success.

Your call center will be a dangerous blend of envy and fear. With these two emotions running the show open collaboration and exchanging of helpful ideas becomes nearly impossible.

Let’s look at what you can do if you believe your workplace needs a positivity makeover.

What Are Morale Boosting Ideas?

Recognizing your call center’s missing something is the first step towards finding a solution. There are 3 main reasons people will hate their job position.


Do your workers know how much you value what they do? If not, they may feel like an invisible, entity that doesn’t have any level of significance within your business.

It’s important to not only notice the work your employees do but to also acknowledge the existence of their personal lives. As a manager, it’s important for you to express interest in what goes on when the work day is over.

Congratulating a worker on their new car or house can go a long way in showing you care about them as a human being.


Have you ever felt like your employees are just going through the motions? They might feel like there isn’t any point to the work they complete. It’s important to let employees know how their work affects the entire company as a whole.


In sales, it’s critical for your workers to know how they’re doing. If employees can’t measure their level of success they won’t have any motivation to improve. Friendly competition in the workplace is important if you want your sales team to care about what they do.

Morale boosting ideas will help you address problems with anonymity, irrelevance, and immeasurability. First, let’s look at an idea that will help your employees know you value them not just as workers but as individuals too.

Personalized Cubicles

Plan a day where your employees can spend an hour customizing their cubicles. Encourage workers to put up pictures of things they want that motivate them. Having a visual goal to work towards or for can be a tremendous source of encouragement. Here are a few ideas you can suggest when your workers are designing their cubicles:

  • Use bright cheery colors like yellow or orange
  • Zen Garden
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Use calming colors like blue or green
  • Photos of family and friends
  • Magazine cutouts of dream vacations
  • Picture of a new car they want to buy

If your workers don’t have a cubicle you can still help them customize their workspace. A desktop calendar is a great tool for visually stating and tracking sales goals.

Create Teams

If you want to transform the way your coworkers view each other put them on teams. Workplace teams are a phenomenal way to foster friendly competition with daily and weekly sales goals.

You can give the teams their names or allow them the opportunity to name themselves. Have the teams meet with each other every day before getting on the phones.

During the meetings, a team leader can guide the group in a conversation about sales goals. Team members will be able to express things that they’re having trouble with. It’s also a great opportunity for team members to share success stories and offer teammates helpful advice.

Perhaps some of your employees are having trouble mastering the art of a warm transfer. Instead of worrying about it your employees will know they have a safe space during the team meeting to discuss what they’re struggling with.

Remote Call Center Jobs

Remote call center jobs can have a  difficult time making employees feel good. Not being able to physically see employees can make it hard to boost workplace morale.

However, it isn’t impossible to create a welcoming environment for employees who work from home. If you’re employees telecommute you can foster workplace communication through telephone conferences, facetime calls, and online communities.

Drive In More Calls

Morale boosting ideas can help transform your company’s work environment.

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