January 30, 2018

10 Questions to Ask Pay Per Call Marketing Companies (Before Signing On the Dotted Line)

Sometimes web traffic just isn’t enough. Pay per call marketing companies (PPCall) help you boost interest beyond search results. Be selective when selecting a partner or your investment could hurt your business.

Search engines like Google are generating organic traffic for websites. Interested searchers will find the websites most pertinent to their interests. If your website is one of them, their search criteria could put you at the top.

Pay per call delivers different web-driven results. You only pay based on calls made by viewers of your ad.

Most companies will optimize their website and drive traffic from ads. But this can be costly, and there is only so much you can do. Pay per call marketing companies provide an inbound boost that drives business results.

Why Choose Pay Per Call Marketing Companies?

Every company needs an SEO strategy in its marketing plan. This is a basic first step in your digital marketing initiatives. But your early SEO strategy isn’t enough to distinguish you from competitors.

You need content for your website as well. But investing in quality writing and video is costly. It takes time for that content to pay off for SEO purposes as well.

Small businesses tend to avoid expensive advertising. It’s costly and they’re already working with limited budgets. But PPCall can scale with real business results.

Pay per call marketing allows you to pay only for the calls you get from the advertisement. Those calls can turn into real business results. In that way, you pay only when you’ve increased your chances of success.

As a channel, the logic makes sense. But you can make serious errors with your strategy. You could attract the wrong callers and pay for them anyway.

Pay per call marketing companies help you develop a campaign that yields the right results. These companies help you create content that targets specific audiences. They maximize the value of your visibility and your investment in every call.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Pay Per Call Partner

You will need to make an initial investment in your partner. But all pay per call marketing companies are not equal. You want to be confident in the foundation you set for your advertising future.

Ask the following 10 questions when you interview potential partners. You will be paying for all types of calls your campaign delivers. Be sure each call is worth every penny.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have with the Pay Per Call Model?

Pay per call advertising is more than generic advertising. Your partner should appreciate the niche segment of all Google searchers that will potentially call and buy.

Look for companies who adopted PPCall strategies early. The longevity of their business will speak to their success. This is a good place to start.

2. Do You Specialize in My Vertical?

Every PPCall campaign is different. Make sure you don’t choose a partner that must learn your industry from scratch. Your PPC marketing partner should have a basic understanding of the foundation of your business.

But make sure the campaign they help create is right for you. PPC partners who reuse your competitors’ strategies won’t distinguish your brand.

3. How Do Your Previous Clients Feel About Your Work?

Like most businesses, client testimonials are the most compelling proof of success. Successful companies will have client testimonials on their website. They will have logos of recognizable brands as well.

Don’t be discouraged if niche companies are limited in this area. Sometimes positive feedback from niche clients is the most promising.

4. Are You a Google Partner?

Earmark companies that are Google Partners. Google Partners have access to greater resources than others. The partner badge adds validity to their company as well.

Not all pay per call marketing companies are Google Partners. You can find great companies without this label. But keep this in mind as you vet out potential partners early on.

5. What Are Your Pricing and Fee Structures?

You will be billed for all unique calls directed to your company. You will also have to pay for their management of your ads.

You should strike a balance between the two. You may have great management but pay too much per call. Your call prices may be low, but ensure you’re getting the services you need.

6. What Type of Management Comes with My Investment?

Read your contract carefully. Many pay per call marketing companies will hit you with unexpected fees.

You may find unique benefits you like in management options as well. You can balance between great service and affordability.

7. How Do You Perform Targeting Successfully?

Targeting is the determinant of the success of your campaign. Be sure you understand your partner’s targeting strategy.

Companies with poor targeting drive the wrong calls or none at all. This costs you money with no visible business benefit. Be sure your company understands your buyer personas and your goals.

8. Do you Offer Full and Regular Reporting?

You must keep a close eye on your campaign progress. Some partners will not provide enough information in their reports for this to be clear. Some don’t provide reports frequently enough.

You need good reporting to prevent unnecessary surprises. This is also how you determine if your investment is paying off. Thorough, regular reporting is a must in any partner.

9. What Are Your Guarantees?

Many companies will guarantee certain results from your campaign. This is an advantage, even at higher cost. If those guarantees match your business goals it will give you peace of mind.

Make sure these companies promise ‘make goods’ to be sure you hit those benchmarks. These are free services offered to hit those targets if the campaign falls short.

10. What Are Your Expectations for Long-Term Success?

Even with short-term agreements, you should look for a long-term partner. You want a partner you can trust for the duration of your business.

See how potential partners respond to your long-term goals. If they come back with long-term solutions it’s a good sign. You should think about the greater success of your business with every decision.

Lasting PPCall Success

Pay per call advertising is its own discipline. HyperTarget Marketing has been a resource for successful small businesses across verticals.

Start your PPCall campaign the right way. Sign up now for the HyperTarget Marketing Network and we’ll craft a custom plan for you.