June 15, 2017

10 Tips To Succeed At Pay Per Call Marketing

We’ve already covered how the raw conversion power of pay per call marketing could take your company to the next level.

But just using this incredible technique isn’t enough: you need to do it successfully as well.

You may be thinking that your strategy is working. But when you become too satisfied with “pretty good” results, you risk destroying your ROI through complacency.

That’s why we’re giving you the ten best tips for a successful pay per call strategy that allows your business to thrive.

1. Know The Cost of Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per call campaigns can vary greatly in cost, so doing research on how much your campaign will cost is vital to functioning as a business owner.

Don’t fall behind on PPC marketing costs in the name of convenience. Because if you do, you will experience the greatest inconvenience of all: losing your business.

Stay focused, stay vigilant, and do your research. One hour of market research could add up to thousands of dollars in costs over time, so it’s well worth the price of admission.

2. Know Who You’re Working With

We’ve talked about how pay per call is the new click.

As with click, there are plenty of shady businesses out there who care more about exploiting you for their bottom line than helping your business.

A poorly executed campaign can destroy your brand even if it’s not your fault: don’t be seen as a mindless spammer or fall victim to marketing strategies that do not value executing a quality campaign.

Instead, work with smart people who have good ideas on how to revolutionize your marketing strategy. Their strategies are what you need to elevate your bottom line.

3. Know What Success Is

Everybody wants to be a successful business owner. But what is a success in terms of running your business?

Every entrepreneur has a different view of success. And as much as that applies to the overall strategy of a business, it also applies to the evaluation of a pay-per-call campaign.

Your pay per call marketing strategy will never be successful if you don’t know what being successful means. So sit down, define your objectives, and apply those objectives to your marketing campaigns.

This will also help you get a strategy that develops over time, instead of one that clumsily hops from ill-defined goal to ill-defined goal. So if you haven’t had this conversation with yourself, get to it.

Being able to continually measure your growth and direction will help you achieve more with your business.

4. Quality over Quantity

This one seems obvious, but for some reason, it’s lost on too many business owners. When it comes to pay per call marketing, more isn’t better.

Better is better.

You’d be shocked at how many people care about the number of calls they get out, and this is a short-sited and even deadly strategy.

People are complicated. There are ways to predict how they’ll act, but one thing that does nothing to do that is looking at the average success of campaigns and figuring that, just by virtue of a call being made, a certain number of calls means a certain number of customers.

The reality is, you need to focus on quality calls with good leads and better results.

5. Monetize All Traffic

If you aren’t making money, you’re losing it. That’s also true for pay per call marketing.

Monetizing traffic is beyond important: it’s essential for your business.

If you aren’t monetizing, you can kiss your ROI goodbye, and you’d have nobody but yourself to blame. With it taking so little effort to do this, why are you not boosting your income and conversion rate as efficiently as possible?

6. Always Optimize

Optimization is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy, whether it’s pay per call marketing or pay per click marketing.

We’re in a second renaissance. And for professors and tech enthusiasts, this is great. For business owners, it means constant competition with people who have better optimization strategies.

So, read the marketing magazines and stay on top of things to keep yourself on the cutting edge of business.

7. Caller Experience

If your callers have a bad experience on the phone with one of your agents, you haven’t just lost a customer: you’ve lost a potential customer.

That’s because that person will never be convinced to buy your product after the awful experience caused by an incompetent strategy failing to focus on caller experience.

Make sure it’s a pleasant experience to be on the phone with your agents. It could save you and your marketing leads.

8. Analytics

Being told about how great analytics are by a marketing blog is a bit like being told how great vegetables are by your doctor.

It’s nice to hear, but it’s also a bit boring.

Unfortunately, we’re going to tell you to eat your vegetables and focus on analytics with your approach to pay per call marketing.

The reason for this is simple: analytics work. It turns out going in with the numbers is the best way to do things: makes sense.

9. Test Everything

You’re probably familiar with the use of A/B testing on websites, but did you know that you could do a similar thing with pay per call marketing?

A/B test your campaigns by building well crafted and clearly different ideas that you can evaluate against each other. Don’t let your experiments last forever, but periodically continue to test things with no variants to see what works and what doesn’t.

Your ROI will thank you.

10. Trust The Pros

All of this is a lot to keep track of.

That’s why the best thing you can do is find people who know what they’re doing to help.

Around here, we take pay per call marketing seriously. That’s because, like you, we’re business owners and this is what we do.

We’d love to get in touch with you to help you do what you do better through our marketing strategies.

Contact us so we can work together on some amazing things.