Press Releases and Offline Media

Our SEO-optimized press releases drive interest

The right press release brings attention to your online business. With experience in many different industry verticals, we analyze your website, give you suggestions on ideas and publish search-engine-optimized press releases on a regular basis. We even offer call center services to field inquiries so you only get warm transfers ready to close.

What’s in a Press Release?

Press releases exist to inform customers about important company events and attract attention from all the right people in the industry. For a business of any size, online recognition requires webmasters to be involved in a number of off-page and on-page optimization that, in tandem, deliver results through search engine optimization.

Combining press releases with call-center services for maximum success

In some cases, you might want that extra level of qualification before taking an inbound call. In these situations, we offer call center services where our reps will answer the phone and ask a series of questions before “warm transferring” leads to you to close. Our call center services were created with your organization in mind.

The right combination of offline and online media gives your company the opportunity to dominate the marketplace.

While our focus is driving highly targeted visitors online, we learned our chops in direct response advertising in radio and TV and continue to excel in those mediums today, offering both creative production services in addition to media planning and buying. When both online and offline media are effectively teamed together, the reach of traditional media marketing combined with the precision of online media offer our clients the opportunity to dominate the marketplace, improve their leads, and increase their number of conversions.

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