Local Business Solutions

We want you to dominate on the local level and we can help you do it! You are a local business.  You know your business, you know your neighborhood, and most important, you know your customers and how to keep them happy and coming back.

Whether you are a dentist, doctor, lawyer, contractor, restaurant owner, massage therapist, or any other number of locally focused professions, the #1 goal online is the same, increase exposure and get new customers.

Pay for ads that target only relevant customers

Our strategy for local businesses centers around one concept, geo-specificity.  Here’s an example to explain. Let’s imagine a pizza restaurant in the city of Long Beach.  It would be difficult to compete for the term “pizza,” on a national level, we’d be going head to head with big corporations like Pizza Hut.However, “Long Beach Pizza” and “Best Pizza in Long Beach” are ways you can win without attempting to match large brand budgets. Additionally, by restricting your ads to a very specific radius around  your business, you can ensure that only relevant customers see your ads.

However, the hardest challenge for most local businesses is figuring out how to optimize your marketing.  What should you be measuring, how should you measure it, and how to do figure out actionable steps to take from this information?  That’s where Hypertarget Marketing comes in.

Our experience in all aspects of online marketing will help you get the highest return on advertising dollars by ensuring that you are focusing your energy and dollars where you should.

Call today for a complimentary 10-minute marketing consultation with an analyst at our company and take your online marketing to the next level.