Hypertarget Marketing’s top 3 Jumpstart Search Engine Optimization Tips:

1 –  Canonical Domain Issues:

Does (yourwebsite.com) and (www.yourwebsite.com) go to the same url?  If not, you need to pick one and permanently redirect (also called a 301 redirect) the other one, otherwise search engines will see this as duplicate content.  For a quick overview on duplicate content, check out this article from Matt Cutts of Google.


2 – Proper Image Use

Is your homepage a large image or a flash video?  If yes, you should really consider changing your homepage or adding text to your homepage.  Search engines are unable to read images or flash videos and you won’t be able to rank for what you want if the search engines cannot read your site.  This goes for your slogan, name of your business, your phone number, your address, and your navigation bar. Wouldn’t you want the search engines and users to be able to search for that information?  Unless it’s text, they won’t be able to.

3 – Unique page titles

Does every page on your website have the same page title?  It shouldn’t.

Your page titles should be no more than 14 words long (65 characters or less if possible).  They should include the most relevant and important terms for your business that also have significant search volume.  Make sure each page has it’s own unique title that applies to what that particular page is about.  Unless you have a strong brand, do no start the page title with the name of the website.