March 25, 2014

Rule #1 to Performance Marketing – Choose a Product You Know or Care About

When a performance marketer chooses a product, the calculation goes something like this: “How much does it pay? How easy is it for me to get the customer to take the action that pays? How much competition is there in the market?” While all of these questions are essential to evaluating the potential profitability of a campaign, there is one question which is missing. The question which should come before all of the aforementioned questions is “How much do I know about this product, and why do I care about it?”

Too often performance marketers are drawn by the idea of making big bucks, not by the idea of offering a genuinely helpful product or service to the customer. While there are countless stories of people who have become rich by finding the correct niche and exploiting it earlier or better than everyone else, this is not the most reliable way to achieve success. Here are some tips for entering a field in which you are an expert or at least genuinely interested, and thereby boosting your chances of getting conversions.

  1. Look for offers in a field that you have worked in – Do you have experience as an insurance agent? Maybe an insurance offer would be ideal. Do you have experience as a personal trainer, and helping others lose an impressive amount of weight? Perhaps you should look into weight loss offers. The starting point to choosing an offer to market should be analyzing your familiarity with the product or service. It is always best to promote an offer with which you are familiar, all things being equal. And one of the best ways to become familiar with a field is to work in it.
  2. Look for offers in a field in which you are an expert – When you promote a product of which you have an expert level knowledge, your marketing materials will demonstrate your familiarity with the subject, and your customers will trust you.  Even if your knowledge is in an area that does not qualify as a current interest or hobby, it can be leveraged in your advertising to demonstrate to your potential customers that they should choose your offer over that of the competition.
  3. Look for an offer in a field that interests you – Another way to choose the ideal offer to promote is to look for something that genuinely interests you. For example, gamers would make ideal candidates to promote gaming offers. A person studying Spanish as a second language can more readily identify with the difficulties that arise in that process, and can transmit that understanding into all of their marketing – giving the customer a sense of greater trust that the product being recommended will actually work. So, it is not necessary to be an expert in the product or service you wish to promote. Being genuinely interested in the product or service should be enough.

If you have been struggling to make money with your offers, perhaps you are promoting a product that you know nothing about or care very little about. While it is true that expert marketers may be able to make a mint selling just about anything, it is a good idea to get your first successes under your belt by promoting something that you have a personal connection to.