February 11, 2015

Why Performance Marketing is Just Like Professional Sports

With the Super Bowl just finished, the National Hockey League continuing for the next few months into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Major League Baseball Spring Training starting up, most people will be settling in to see their favorite sports teams win (or lose) their respective games. But what about their businesses? For any business, Q1 can be an important time. It is the time of year that business owners and managers set budgets, present yearly goals, and set the tone for the rest of the year, just like any sports team’s conditioning sets them up for the season. In many ways, performance marketing and professional sports are very similar, both in methods and goals.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies are Used to See Results

Both sports and businesses using performance marketing want to see one thing: results. Every sport has offensive strategies and defensive strategies, used in conjunction with each other to create a balanced strategy that results in more wins than losses. Businesses in the performance marketing space do the same. Performance marketing is a form of interactive advertising that is used to generate results. The performance marketing space is more than just affiliate networks. In sports, using only an offensive or only a defensive strategy often times will not result in a win. The same can be said for performance marketing. Exploring your options and having a broad and balanced strategy can be beneficial for results.

Analysis is an Important Part of a Good Game Plan

Sports are not just about performance. Sports require preparedness and studying. Any good coach will tell you that they review their competitor’s games/tapes in order to evaluate what they are up against and to discover any tweaks that may need to be implemented in their game plan before the big day. The same goes for businesses. If your performance marketing strategy is not getting you the results you want but your competitor’s strategy is flourishing with success, evaluate what differences exist and what you can do to compete with them in the future. After your analysis, make the necessary changes if possible.

Each Take a Commitment to Hard Work

“You need three things to win: discipline, hard work and, before everything maybe, commitment. No one will make it without those three. Sport teaches you that.” Haile Gebrselassie, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Any professional athlete or coach will tell you that commitment and hard work are import if you want to see results. For performance marketing, results will require hard work and time. Expectations should follow a form of thinking that adopts dedication, especially in order to see progress throughout the year.

While sports and performance marketing may seem quite different, there are strong similarities between the requirements needed for success. Each requires a broad and balanced strategy, a commitment and dedication to hard work, and the ability to adapt and adopt changes in their game plan.