January 8, 2015

How Pay Per Call Performance Marketing Really Works

Pay per call performance marketing is a relatively new advertising strategy. While many people know what pay per click advertising is and how it works, few truly understand the concept of pay per call. The importance of pay per call marketing has steadily been increasing amidst the growing relevance of the mobile phone to our society. More consumers than ever have data driven mobile devices, which makes pay per call a worthwhile avenue for business success. So, how does pay per call performance marketing actually work? Take a look at the following chart:


First, an advertiser or business decides to run a marketing campaign. The advertiser/business then creates a pay per call campaign and determines what the pay per call requirements are with the publisher. The publisher then applies the client’s designated phone number to specific marketing campaigns. Potential prospects for the client search for the services the advertiser provides. Prospects see the publisher’s ad and call the designated phone number. The publisher tracks the call and the phone call is forwarded to the client (aka: the advertiser or business). The client then pays the publisher for all qualified phone calls. The pay per call process is meaningful information for marketers and business individuals to know. Pay per call can be yet another tool in an advertising arsenal.