May 24, 2018

How to Use Pay Per Call Advertising to Your Advantage

pay per call

Over 3 billion people have access to the internet today. Each of them represents a potential sales opportunity for your business.

To that end, all kinds of digital marketing efforts have exploded online. Social media, content marketing, pay per click and more.

One of the most effective ways to acquire quality leads and drive revenue often gets overlooked though. We’re talking about Pay Per Call advertising.

With pay per call advertising, rather than paying whenever a user clicks on an add as you would with pay per click, you instead only pay when a user engages your business with a sales call. This form of marketing in game-changing for a variety of reasons and can bring a tremendous return on investment to your marketing budget.

The purpose of this post is to educate businesses on the advantages pay per call advertising can bring to their bottom line.

1) Pay Per Call Is Built for Mobile Phones

Pay per call advertising is most effective when a potential customer can see the add on their phone, click on it, and be transferred to a sales call immediately. Given that 9 out of 10 Americans own a mobile phone, building your marketing efforts around that technology is a smart investment.

Also, 75% of Americans use their mobile phone to access the internet. That percentage is even higher in other countries like Spain, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and more.

What that says is that not only do people own mobile phones, but they’re using them to engage online.

Finally, when you build advertisements for a specific medium, engagement is higher. For example, if you created marketing materials for Facebook and recycled them on Pinterest, you’d find the traction you got on Pinterest wouldn’t be impressive.

That’s because users expect you to tailor content to take advantage of each platform’s unique features.

Pay per call is built for mobile phones given that they rely on users making phone calls to be successful. This level of integration increases the likelihood people who see your add will engage with them.

2) You Get to Funnel Leads to Your Sales Team

Quality marketing copy is good at generating conversions and driving sales. Still, no amount of creative writing can replace the instinct of a skilled salesperson.

When selling someone over the phone, you have the ability to tailor your message to their unique needs. You can describe to them how your product or service relates to their personal pain points. Because of that, sales conversions for people on calls are between 30% and 50% as opposed to 1% or 2% you’d see by having your sales efforts purely online.

Another advantage to funneling sales to your call center’s team is that you enable them to spend less time chasing down leads as more leads will be reaching out to them.

3) Every Call You Receive Is a Quality Lead

People have short attention spans online. They may be vaguely interested in a topic and click on an add just to skim over the landing page before quickly moving onto the next thing.

Unlike how people stumble around the internet though, people do not stumble onto phone calls.

For somebody to see an add and opt-in to having a call with a representative to get more information, you can be sure that they’re very interested in the product or service. This reduces the chances of your team spending time on calls that won’t result in sales.

4) Pay Per Call Safeguards You from Click Fraud

When you’re paying per click, anybody who interacts with your ad will cost you whether they’re interested in buying or not. While search engines have gotten more sophisticated in their methods of detecting fraudulent click activity, no system is perfect.

Therefore, people clicking on ads repeatedly in order to generate inflated advertising tabs against businesses are a real concern.

This invalid click activity can be performed by competition or by someone messing around. Either way, it can be costly.

When paying per call, there’s no way to defraud the system. Customers need to make a phone call and stay on the line for a certain period of time before you pay for the lead. Given the amount of effort involved and the personal nature of phone calls, people looking to commit fraud are not attracted to this type of marketing.

5) You Get Excellent Insight

Many people think about getting phone calls for sales purposes and worry that the analytics pay per click marketing uses won’t be available.

That’s not the case.

Paying per call is able to provide you with key analytics in regards to your customers and the way your calls went. Insight commonly tracked includes:

  • Geographic information
  • Customer profiles
  • Call times
  • Call duration
  • Conversion outcomes

The bottom line, when paying per call, expect to target the right kinds of customers the same way you would with any digital marketing campaign. Also, expect to get post-call analytics to refine your pitch.

To Wrap It Up

Users are more engaged than ever with their mobile phones. A wide variety of digital marketing tactics have cropped up to capitalize on that.

Among them and perhaps the most effective method to engage customers and drive sales is pay per call.

With paying per call you can be sure that every lead you get is 100% legit and 100% interested in your product or service. This leads to higher conversions and more productive use of your sales team’s time.

If you’re looking for a way to start using call advertising in your marketing strategy, look no further than Hyper Target Marketing. Hyper Target Marketing has been working with businesses for years to create robust and effective call marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to start maximizing your marketing efforts today, read more about our call lead services or contact us today at 213-973-9905.