May 10, 2018

How to Get Pay Per Call Leads

pay per call leads

Pay per call leads is the newest way of acquiring highly qualified, ready to buy customers. It’s gaining ground in the digital marketing world and has the option of providing offline marketing.

If you’ve tried pay per click or other digital advertising and had no success, pay per call is a great option to look into.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about pay per call and how it will help your business make more money and develop better relationships.

What is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call is marketing that’s based on performance. It’s like pay per click marketing in the sense that it tracks calls, just like conversions and clicks are tracked. Advertisers pay to get a certain amount of qualified pay per call leads.

These ads are linked with a special phone number. The phone number and ad can then be tracked for performance based on click to call and the quality of those clicks.

The goal of a pay per call campaign is to drive potential clients to call your business and request an inquiry about your product or service. It often delivers hot or high-quality leads because it requires an individual to pick up the phone. Pay per call marketing has some of the highest conversion rates in digital marketing.

Highly Qualified Pay Per Call Leads

When it comes to the cost associated with pay per call marketing, you only pay for the people that click and call your business. You’re paying only for the people that are truly interested in what your business does. With pay per click, the engagement between the lead and the company are low, so it provokes more people to click.

There are stipulations around the call that’s made and what qualifies as a call as a hot lead. The amount of time the lead is on the phone is an important factor. If they start dialing and hang up the phone, it is not counted. Setting a minimum time length helps to prevent high cost.

Call Tracking

How does call tracking work? You set up a unique phone call number that allows it to be linked and tracked back to your ad. This shows you the performance of your ad. You can see how many people are clicking on it and which of those people turn into high-quality leads.

Each ad is associated with a new unique number so you can know which ad your calls are coming from. If you have any pay per call leads that come in via your website, you’ll be able to track how they found your ad. You’ll have insight into what keywords they used to search for you and which page your ad displayed on.

The tracking analytics are amazing and offer valuable insight into the types of clientele you should target. You can also track on offline marketing campaigns from a specific and unique call number. With an online call tracking platform, you’d be able to listen to incoming phone calls and record them.

These tracking platforms also allow you to see the phone number that is calling in, the name, and the city of the caller.

What’s the Difference between Pay Per Call and Pay Per Click?

There are obvious and not-so-obvious differences between pay per call and pay per click advertising. Pay per call doesn’t show a website link for viewers to click on. It just shows a phone number for them to call.

Businesses that are looking to target specific regions in the United States will find pay per call really useful. You can target locations that you’re hoping to expand the business into. This way the potential client can call you prior to stepping into a store for a product or service sale.

Pay per call leads are more likely to come in because pay per call has less competition. Marketing companies are constantly discussing the benefits of pay per click, so much of the market is saturated with pay per click ads. Pay per call is lower competition which means lower cost and more return.

Pay per call also works also multiple channels and devices, including digital and offline. You could acquire pay per call leads from radio ads, tv commercials, or roadside billboards.

Pay per call ads are as easy to optimize and rearrange as pay per click ads. You have the ability to revise the position of the phone number on your ad, change the copy, and add imagery to acquire pay per call leads.

Is Pay Per Call Better Than Pay Per Click

Pay per call marketing versus pay per click marketing vary in their benefits. Pay per call is a growing trend in the marketing world as it provides a way to better analyze trends and has superior conversion.

Pay per call providers are able to capture data about any given call, making it more reliable and robust than pay per click data. The reports on pay per call leads show more information about the caller then a pay per click report does.

It provides a great return on investment by delivering results in a timely manner. The case studies that have been researched and written on the success of pay per call have blown pay per click out of the water. Pay per call trumps pay per click across the board.

Pay per click drives traffic to your website or a landing page but doesn’t necessarily connect the potential lead with an account manager. With pay per call leads, they are immediately connected with someone that provide them valuable information about products and services.

Ready to Make A Change?

If you’re not seeing the results you want from a standard pay per click ad campaign, it’s time to check out pay per call.

It’s almost a guaranteed that you’ll receive high-quality pay per call leads that want in on your products and services. You’ll be able to answer their questions in an instant and capture information about your target audience.

If you want to get started today, reach out to us for help.