February 20, 2014

Does Your Company Understand Real Time Marketing?

In the Digital Age everything is moving toward being instantaneous. The amazing speed of information generation and sharing means that the fight for a consumer’s attention is heating up like never before. It also means that marketers and advertisers have less time to get their point across to consumers. In the Twitter Age, you should be able to get your complete marketing message to your prospects in the span of 140 characters or less.

Companies with long drawn out processes are facing increased competition from those which can deliver the same, or similar, products or services in less time. This means a reduction in hedging and equivocating, and an increase in experienced and bold professionals coming together to bring a product to market. For marketers, reduced ramp-up time means being able to literally incorporate today’s headlines into tomorrow’s marketing message. This is one of the reasons social media has grown to such a powerful marketing platform: It allows marketers to respond to their market and client base in real time.

The companies which survive into the 21st century will be those which are ready to take the chances necessary to make the big score. That may mean trying a new marketing platform, or expanding or contracting the product base. The reason these companies will survive is not because real time decision making is any better than the older, slower model, but it is because this is what the marketplace and customer base demands.

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