March 24, 2015

Avoiding Pay Per Call Fraud

If you weren’t able to catch the action of LeadsCon don’t worry. We are here to fill you in on affiliate call fraud. Eric Evans, of HyperTarget Marketing moderated a panel at LeadsCon on this very topic. Here are some of the basics of what you need to keep in mind when trying to avoid these types of fraudulent behavior, not only in a call-based business, but in any marketing relationship.

Fraudulent Call Specifics

If you are running any type of call-based business it is imperative to make sure you are screening any potential incoming clients to confirm you won’t be scammed. There are several ways to do this. First, you can employ an automated answering system that automatically forwards frequent callers to a separate line. Secondly, a clear IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will not only weed out fraud callers, but also help your real clients get exactly where they need to go quickly and efficiently, which definitely helps with a first call resolution. Lastly, if you are unable to set up either of the previously mentioned items, then ask questions, and lots of them. While this isn’t always the most time effective method it will no doubt tell you who is real.

Test Partnership Waters

Make sure that who you are doing business with is legit. Relationships go quite a long way in any kind of business partnership. Start small when creating a new business endeavor. Have your inductee create some smaller content or outreach first to make sure they are a good fit with your marketing strategy. This not only eliminates the chances of them not having the same vision as you, but also makes sure they are who they say they are. This can also help if you want to check the kinds of viewers, followers, and customers they are bringing you are real.

Be Clear About Your Needs

If too much is left up to interpretation you could be setting the campaign up for failure. Set clear goals within a respectable and reasonable timeline with anyone worth working with. This way everyone involved knows exactly what is expected and there is no chance of trailing off or not getting the types of clients the business needs. This means that meticulous organization and documentation are key for success.

Always Follow Up

Even if you have clear guidelines set, they mean nothing unless there is follow through, especially if you are deciding to take on a new client or business partner. Set up multiple call backs and meetings to discuss your short and long term strategy plan. This is a good way to build rapport with a new client. Additionally, you never have to feel in the dark about exactly what is happening. Follow up doesn’t mean you have to micromanage all the ins and outs, but it does hold all parties exclusively accountable to the services exactly as they were discussed.

Avoiding pay per call fraud is vital for anyone running a call marketing campaign. Make sure to keep these points in mind and be sure to visit panels and presentations when you are trade shows. You never know what you might learn.