February 25, 2015

LeadsCon Panel Discusses Affiliate Call Fraud

HyperTarget Marketing Participates in LeadsCon Panel:

“The New Elephant in the Room: Affiliate Call Fraud”

Director Eric Evans Joins Other Industry Leaders to Discuss Pay Per Call Fraud

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Las Vegas, NV
The Mirage Hotel and Casino
3:40pm-4:20pm in the Grand Ballroom BC

HyperTarget Marketing

Las Vegas, Nevada – Eric Evans, of HyperTarget Marketing, will be leading and moderating a session on affiliate call fraud with three other industry professionals at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2015. Empire Today’s Marketing Manager Dan Altman, Invoca’s Senior Channel Partnerships and Business Development Director Anna Jefferis, and RingPartner’s VP of Marketing and Operations Mike Williams will all be joining Evans to discuss current affiliate fraud schemes and potential methods that can be used to counter fraudsters. Furthermore, conference attendees will be able to hear these panelists discuss their expertise with pay-per-call campaigns and their thoughts on what has made their PPC advertising experiences successful.

Pay-per-call marketing emerged as an advertising solution to click-fraud, in which advertisers pay for qualified impressions on a per-call basis. With enhanced technology, clicks are easy to counterfeit and produce, while calls, in theory, are not as easily fabricated. The goal with pay-per-call marketing is to generate qualified calls (calls with a legitimate interest in a product or service), which can in turn reward publishers and ad networks appropriately.  With the rapid and extreme growth of the pay-per-call industry, there has been an increase in the amount of fraudsters joining the market. While call fraud is more difficult to achieve than click fraud, it is not impossible. Due to the complex nature of call fraud, those using affiliate call fraud are some of the most savvy and refined fraudsters. This has made tracking fraud and holding individuals accountable complicated for both marketers and publishers within the industry.

About HyperTarget Marketing: HyperTarget Marketing is a lead generation and call marketing solutions company based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2009, HyperTarget was an early adopter of pay-per-call marketing and has a passion for helping businesses get highly qualified inbound call leads.