November 1, 2010

HP Hood

HP Hood, New England’s favorite Dairy Company wanted to increase their presence online to promote a high school scholarship they were offering to Varsity Athletes in New England.  To supplement their offline marketing efforts, they wanted a multi-channel online strategy including Google and Facebook.
The founders of Hypertarget Marketing were able to increase their number of Facebook fans from 900 to 13000.  To accomplish this required rigorous split testing and analysis of different ad strategy.

Which headline worked best?  Which body text worked best?  Which Facebook image ad worked best?  Is it better to send traffic from Google to the website or to the Facebook page?  Is it better to send traffic from Facebook to the Facebook page or the website?

These are the kinds of questions we were able to answer throughout the life of the campaign to dramatically improve our return on investment from start to finish on a weekly basis.

To see the live HP Hood Fanpage, click here.