January 15, 2018

7 Amazing Benefits of Pay Per Call Advertising

pay per call advertisingDo you like the idea of higher conversion rates for less effort? Of course you do, and that’s why you should look into pay per call advertising.

This marketing method works across all platforms and shines particularly bright in the online affiliate marketing arena. Potential customers search on their smartphone, see your number, and call right away.

Instead of hopeful catch-all marketing strategies that may drive a lot of traffic but not generate many conversions, wouldn’t you prefer a personal channel where you get contacted by people who are already interested and ready to be converted?

If you want your brand, business, or call center to flourish, keep reading.

Why Pay Per Call Advertising?

One of the greatest things about pay per call marketing is how you won’t rely completely on a web-only arrangement, and so have a better outreach. Especially to older people, but really to everyone.

You can engage directly in a highly personalized customer interaction and lead relevant, customized conversations.

With a registry of unique, trackable telephone numbers assigned to each campaign, you have good insight into the whole chain that led the prospect to call the business.

Since 70% of mobile search users call businesses straight from search results, you can expect great results for your investment.

Prospects type in a keyword and get right to speaking with an expert who can assist you quickly. In this digital age where fast information is the name of the game, pay per call advertising has immense potential.

1. Higher Conversion Rates

The main determining factor of success in affiliate marketing is the percentage of traffic volume that eventually leads to a sale.

What about all those people who make a phone call straight from the web search? With more than half of calls coming from mobile searches, you’re looking at a fantastic opportunity, and both businesses and customers alike can gain from this method.

The number of advertisers seizing this opportunity and focusing on mobile marketing has exploded over the last few years, and for good reason.

Much of this has to do with pay per call advertising. No matter which particular compensation model at hand, pay per call marketing has tremendous conversion power.

2. More Revenue

The average cost of mobile search advertising for one click is less than 10% of the price for one call.

This wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for the greatly superior conversion rates of phone calls.

Due to the costs, it may not be the best approach for small businesses or companies with tight margins. If you’re aiming for sales worth thousands of dollars, however, it’s a viable solution.

3. A Superior ROI

The beauty of pay per call marketing is that you don’t have to invest in technological upgrades or hire specialists (who may not even be very good) just for the hope of a potential chance of more revenue.

You pretty much pay for results, so you’re not taking any big risk.

This ratio of revenue growth versus worst-case scenario loss gives pay per call advertising a very high return on investment rate.

The tracking and web analytics behind this lead generation make it easy to focus on personalized paid promotion right where it’s needed.

With an ROI this good, and risks these low, all the time and money you invest into pay per call will be worth it.

You’re not throwing nets blindly into the sea, hoping that something happens to get caught. Good leads with high conversion potential is all you want, and all you’ll be paying for.

4. Easier than Internet Wizardry

Pay per call marketing is so simple compared to the complex mechanics of online marketing prowess. You don’t need to hire programmers, specialized market strategist, and graphic designers.

You may not even need a proper website. Imagine how much time and money you can save by cutting down on work related to creating, maintaining, and constantly refining websites to stay on top of the whims of the market.

No need to invest heaps of money and time into optimizing videos, maps, and widgets. And no need to depend on potentially unreliable web designers and advertisers who don’t deliver strong ROI.

All you need is a phone.

You won’t be thrashed around by the stormy sea of ever-changing search engine algorithms, ranking criteria, and definitions.

Wouldn’t you rather not have to deal with bots, trojans, click fraud, and the overbearing safety measures against this that come with traditional desktop PPC?

5. More Accurate Tracking

Traditional affiliate marketing programs lack the tracking and direct personalized interaction that’s available with pay per call advertising. This is one reason why so many potential leads fall through the cracks, as traffic doesn’t always convert.

Pay per call marketing utilizes enhanced data tracking and measurements to increase conversion rates. Documenting numbers and call durations and how they relate to conversions lets you know what’s efficient and where to focus.

Confidence that your marketing efforts will actually be rewarded drives company motivation for even more indirect performance boosts of your business.

6. It’s Universal

Among the biggest struggles in marketing, and online advertising in particular, is finding the right specific key area to target. This is why advertisers tend to focus on singular, streamlined advertising methods and channels to ensure good success rates.

Pay per call advertising rarely runs into these kinds of issues. Due to its nature and utilization of unique tracking numbers, it can be used anywhere and any way you like.

While it’s typically used together with digital strategies, there’s nothing stopping you from more old-fashioned methods. You could, in theory, simply spread flyers with your number around town and still make a profit.

7. The Simplicity of Telephones

It can’t get more direct than simply getting calls at appropriate hours and talking to prospective clients. This is exactly what pay per call marketing delivers.

In addition to this, you have all the benefits of modern telephony. You can easily schedule, record, and forward calls. You’ll have the abilities of call management and geo-targeting at your disposal.

And you can pause ad listings and take them up again anytime.

Don’t Miss Out

Advertisers and business owners are always faced with these hard decisions on where to direct growth efforts. Finding the simplest, most efficient solution quickly is the name of the game.

Now that you’ve learned about Pay Per Call advertising. Only one question remains:

What are you waiting for?

Try it out!