August 12, 2013

5 Tips for Creating More Effective Landing Pages

Using landing pages for more effective lead generation is pretty much a staple in the internet marketer’s toolbox. Having a single page with a targeted message to direct visitors creates a scenario that allows marketers to capture leads at a much higher rate than typical pages. However, even with a focused marketing message, converting visitors to leads can still be difficult. To help increase your landing page conversions, make sure you’re using these top tips.

Before we begin, it’s important to make sure you have all the critical components on your actual landing page.

Your headline copy should support your offer and be compelling enough to make your visitor want to read more.

Description of Offer
This doesn’t have to be an incredibly lengthy description. You really just need to include enough information to prompt a visitor to want to sign up for your offer or take your intended action. Focus on the benefit for your users.

This is best if it is an image of your product or something related to your offer. For example, a picture of a tropical beach would be great for a beach vacation giveaway. For a free report giveaway, a book style graphic would be ideal.

Social proof can go a long way toward proving that your product or offer is worthy of your visitors’ time. Make sure to include any relevant testimonials, badges or awards you may have received.

Lead Capture Form
Above all, you can’t capture leads if you don’t have form for them to fill out. Make sure it captures at least the basic information of their name and email address.

Now that you know all the basic elements of a landing page, let’s move on to how you can improve your conversion rates.

#1 – Keep Your Offer True
If you say you are going to give something away for filling out a form, actually give that thing away. Your call-to-action must remain the same throughout the entire process or you’ll lose your visitors’ trust. If this happens, not only will they not complete the offer now, but they’ll hardly be likely to participate in any other future offers.

#2 – Stay Focused
The point of a landing page is to sell one offer. Too many times landing pages are cluttered with multiple marketing messages and offers. Keep it simple and make sure any text or calls to action you use relate specifically to your offer.

#3 – Remove Distractions
A landing page is created to provide a distraction free zone for people to focus on your particular marketing message. Having extra elements like your site’s main navigation or footer links can entice the visitor to click elsewhere and potentially forget about the offer altogether. The only navigation you need on a landing page is a link to your homepage should they refuse the offer. This can easily be achieved, distraction-free, by linking your logo to the homepage.

#4 – Keep Your Formatting Simple
While you may have tons to tell about your offer, the average internet user has an incredibly short attention span. You can keep their focus by using bulleted lists, graphics and less overall text. Think about the pages you stay and read. Chances are when you’re confronted with a block of huge text, you’ll skip the reading or bookmark it for later (and then forget about it).

#5 – Only Ask for What You Need
This is not just a lifetime lesson, but a crucial conversion tip as well. The more information you ask for, the higher the odds that people will NOT follow through. While it would be nice to have all the demographic information for everyone who visits our page, it’s not realistic to expect people to take the time to provide the extra information. People want to get in and get out. Keep that in mind when determining what information to ask for.

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