September 18, 2017

10 Tips for a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Today’s consumers are highly empowered. The Internet provides them the gratification of instant information — with a few clicks or the swipe of a finger, customers can find what they need.

As a company, an inbound marketing campaign gives you the power to give consumers the information they’re looking for. In fact, about 67 percent of companies ranked inbound marketing as one of the top 3 marketing priorities.

But, creating a successful campaign is easier said than done. How do you know what marketing tactics to use? How do you determine the best time to email consumers versus posting on social media?

The truth is that inbound marketing is nuanced. But, with the right tips, you can be successful in building your brand.

Keep reading for 10 helpful tips for launching an impactful inbound marketing campaign.

1.  Define And Understand Your Business

With any successful marketing campaign, research is a must. Marketing is only successful when you understand your business and the industry.

Before marketing your business, you have to define it. What are your revenue goals? What key performance indicators need to be measured? What is your ideal sales process?

Outside of your business, you’ll also need to understand the industry. Ensure you stay up-to-date with changes within the industry.

Keep tabs on how your competitors are marketing their product or service. Be aware of any current events that may impact the industry.

2. Know Your Target Audience

In the ideal world, every person in the world has a need for your product. As nice as it sounds, this isn’t true for every company.

You need to know who is on the receiving end of your marketing efforts. Even if your product appeals to a large audience, targeting specific groups within the larger one is more effective.

To understand your target audience, you’ll need to create a customer profile. Demographic and psychographic information are huge factors in determining your typical customer.

For example, your typical customer demographic may be a middle-aged married woman living on the West Coast. From a psychographic standpoint, she may have a lavish lifestyle and enjoy traveling around the world.

Demographics help you understand the type of person that may buy your product. Psychographics drill down into the why a potential consumer may buy your product.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Any content you create for marketing purposes should be written with SEO tactics. Using SEO will boost your company’s search visibility.

The more high-quality links on your company’s website, the higher it will rank in search engine results.

Must-use SEO techniques include:

  • Create unique informational content often
  • Back-link creation
  • Keyword and keyword phrase usage
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Using catchy titles and meta descriptions
  • Alt tags for images

4. Use On-site Content Marketing

As part of your company’s inbound marketing campaign, content creation is a must. On-site content includes all content that is hosted on the company website. This content will drive traffic to the site.

First, the content will drive potential consumers to the site. It will also keep current customers engaged and interested in your brand.

On-site content marketing maximizes client retention while increasing the chance of new clients.

On-site content includes:

  • Homepage content
  • Company blog posts
  • Product pages
  • About us/content page

5. Also, Use Off-site Content Marketing

Off-site content will also drive content to the company website. But, this content is published on another site. In turn, it builds links to your site.

By publishing content on other websites, you’re able to gain visibility with new potential consumers. Off-site content can also boost referral traffic.

Off-site content includes media coverage, guest posts, press releases, and more.

6. Build a Solid Website

A well-designed website is a fundamental building block for your marketing campaign. Your company’s website needs to be built with user experience and user interaction in mind.

A quality website:

  • Provides a simplistic layout
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Offers information content
  • Loads within 2-3 seconds

If your website doesn’t meet consumer standards, you’re likely to lose a sale.

7. Connect With an Influencer

Every industry has an influencer. These are people who are leaders and shakers in the industry. Often these social media stars have high reputations and even bigger fanbases.

You can work with an influencer to strengthen your brand through content and social media posts.

8. Use Social Media

Getting involved in the community is a must. You can use social media to build engagement and visibility. The more active your company is on social networks, the better.

By using social media, you can ensure the right content reaches the right people. This boosts organic traffic flow to the company website.

When using social media, be sure your company has complete profiles, to include contact information, the company logo, and background information.

9. Mobile Optimization

More than 51 percent of all Internet usage is done through a mobile device. With billions of mobile device users, it’s more important than ever to provide a mobile-optimized website.

Mobile optimization means designing the company website so that it loads on screens of all sizes. The best design method to achieve this goal is to use responsive design.

The more users who can access the company website, the better.

10. Measure and Analyze

After launching your inbound marketing campaign, analyze the key performance indicators you set in the beginning.

Where are most of the inbound traffic coming from? What topics are most popular with customers? How long are visitors staying on the website? What links are clicked and which ones aren’t?

You’ll also want to look at conversion rates. A successful campaign should increase conversion rates. In turn, your company should be making a higher profit.

Knowing how successful the campaign is can shape future campaigns. Knowing what techniques work the best will ensure your marketing dollars don’t go to waste.

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